The journey leading to missery

The beginning of the journey

On 1527,five Spanish ships left Seville and went to Florida to find gold.The leader of the expedition, Narvaez, had a dream to to make settlements along the Gulf of Mexico.Along with him was a Spanish explorer named Cabeza de Vaca and 300 men.

Marching inland for gold

Once they got to Florida,Narvaez ordered everyone to leave the ships and to carry on inland for search of gold.That meant that they would never see their ships again.After 2 months,they had no treasure and very little food.

Some pictures about de Vaca's life

The sailment

Cabeza de Vaca ordered everyone to sail west in order to get to Mexico.The only thing they had was water stored in hollow horse legs.They then sailed in rafts to get to Mexico.After 2 weeks,everyone was hungry and weak.Around the Mississippi river,a strong wind blew them away and they landed on Galveston Island.

Cabeza de Vaca's enslavement and escape

Days after days,the 300 men had fallen down to only 80.Within months,it would drop down to 18.Within a year, there would only be four. Cabeza de Vaca was a slave for the Native Americans for 2 years.He then managed to escape and he joined a band called the Charrucos. In 1532,he met up with 3 people that were enslaved too.After 2 years of waiting for the right moment,they were able to travel back to Mexico.