Envy Tanning Studio June 2016

What's happening in studio

Summer is upon us!

We know the weather has gotten better, so why don't prepare yourself for the summer days rather then finding your burning, or feeling uncomfortable in summer clothes. We have SPF's to protect you from the sun, and also specials to get your some color before you head to the beach

Lotion Promotions!

June Monthly Promotion

Days Get Longer, Sun Gets Hotter

Buy 3 Months of Power for only $110

Buy 3 Months of Standup for only $115

Buy 50 Minutes, receive 20 Free!

Addition to the Studio

We are happy to announce that we have added a service to the studio.

We now offer Makeup Application for any special event you may have. For details, come by and talk to Sarah, or email at makeupbysarahg@hotmail.com


Our Summer Hours are now in full effect.

Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm

Saturday 10am to 3pm


We will be keeping these hours as of right now, if any changes were to occur you will be notified asap.