Weekly Neswletter

Welcome back!

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic break.

This was a short week, but still very exciting. We are now starting our unit about Boxes and I am sure it will be very interesting. On Wednesday we explored different kinds of boxes: big brown boxes, small jewelry boxes, boxes for food, for toothpaste, for band aids.

We learned about squares and rectangles, and classified them in this categories. We also discussed ideas about what we can made out of boxes...soooo for next week we are making a.....Fire Truck!

The Name Game

Roll the Number!

During small groups, kids were given a number board, chips and a dice. They rolled the dice and place a chip on the number they rolled. We practiced number recognition, matching and counting!

A House for Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab seeks the perfect home and learns to appreciate change. After reading the amazing book from Eric Carle, we decided that waking like crabs could be lots of fun! We also made our own decorated houses in art and made a crab using our pictures. You will be receiving their craft next week!

You've got mail!

Our Dramatic Center has changed once again! Now it's a Post Office! Explaining to children what a post office is was a treat. In this technological era kids weren't aware of what a Postal Service was. We talked about writing letters, using stamps, and what a mailbox is. It is a great center that foster writing and engaged them in sociodramatic play.

Bear Hunt!

We read "We Are Going On A Bear Hunt" on Wednesday. Everyone was very engaged in the story! At the Library Center we had a Sensory Story Box to retell the story. It had the grass, the water, the dirt, the forest and the snow. Children recreated the story using the props and the book.

On Friday we went on a hunt. We traveled through grass, water, dirt, trees and snow to finally find a... Bear!!!

Do you have letter A in your name?

Belly Breathing

In an effort to continue teaching our children how to regulate their emotions and reactions, we learned about Belly Breathing with Elmo. I showed the video and began a discussion about "the monster that's inside me". I received amazing answers! I love to see our kids so mindful!

You can show this video at home and use this strategy with them.

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