News Against Vietnam War

Chris Daniel

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Vietnam was an allied country that we helped during War World 2 against the Japanese, but after World War 2 Vietnam separated into North and South Vietnam. With the leader of South Vietnam being so cruel, South Vietnamese started a rebellion to connect North and South into one Country again. JFK sent troops in 1962 to "advice" south Vietnam so they wouldn't be over run. Once John was assassinated Lyndon took over and sent more then 20,000 troops over to Vietnam by the summer of 1964.

Media Portrayal

News stations during the Vietnam War reported on what was happening to the troops and what they were experiencing while being over in another country. They elaborated on there living conditions and what the troops were doing for each other, on how men saved there brothers in arms and how some would stay up while everyone else slept. The News also reported how people were reacting at home, how people were shredding their Draft Papers. Plus how people were saying the war was wrong and they were gonna take a stance against it.

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Reported Bias

The Media reported on the negatives, how people said it was wrong to go on with this war and what people had to face on the other side. They reported on people saying they weren't going and all the protests that were happening. When the Tet Offensive occurred, media jumped on it and people started protesting against more than they ever had. Even though the Tet Offense was the turning point and allowed the United States to push forward.


With the Red Scare and the Cold War still going on was the only reason the Vietnam War even happened and why people encouraged the War. The United States believed every time Communism spread, it would be one more country away from the Unites States Destruction. People's belief on Communism and how it would separate our country put fear into citizens and the government promised to limit the spread of Communism in the most effective way possible.

My Opinion

Troops only went to Vietnam to prevent Communism from spreading and even not knowing that, the war was still a waste of our time. The Vietnam War was a conflict America shouldn't have intervened in because it didn't affect us in the slightest. The country still became Communist, the only thing that changed is our population and resources went down. Vietnam wasn't suppose to be an all out war, yet we sent resources and people over there time after time even though we said we wouldn't get involved. Vietnam War should have never happened and the only thing that was accomplished was wasting more lives then needed and wasn't resources that we'll never get back.