Coast of Italy


Italy's Beaches

On Italy's coast they have a lot of interesting beaches. Some of the beaches names are Capri. Capri is one of the most beautiful beaches of all the north coast. they also have Tuscany's beach. Tuscany has lots of rolling hills. Thats actually what it is known for. The beach is surround with mountains. They have a great beach with sandy white sand. Another beach is Sicily. Sicily has sandy white shores to exotic black sand. Italy has some amazing beaches! well more amazing then NJ's beaches. Also it looks very clean.

there is no trash around, and the water looks clean. NJ's beach is dirty and the water doesn't even look clean. Well I think that Italy's beaches are better then NJ's beaches. This is were I got my facts-

Sicily's Exotic Black Sand

The Black sand I found was very interesting so I looked up, why is it black? and the reason why the sand is black is because The waves would change the color. Usually sand is white, but because of how big the waves can be and how far they go on shore the sand would turn wet. So when sand is wet it turns black. That means that the water is always going onto the sand. It can turn sand into really any color. For more information about this go to

Capri's Beach

Amazing beach surrounded by mountains. Lots of people like to take their boat out or swim. Great beautiful beach.

Sicily's Beach

Sicily's beach looks so clean and beautiful. Sure it probably gets packed, but it just looks just so clean and beautiful.