Shanghai , China

The City of a Lifetime

Famous Dishes

Step into the delightful and favorable world of Shanghai most phenomenal food. If you love rice, noodles, pork, and duck, hen , and geese eggs, Shanghai food is calling your name!

Going on the holidays? You will probably eat a whole fish, sticky cake, and enough meat filled dumplings for the entire year! For the Dragon Boat day, the locals eat dumplings filled of pork, beans, and eggs. During the Moon Festival, try a moon cake , just like a regular cake, with lotus nuts, duck yolk, and baked until golden brown. If this is your first, second, or third time in Shanghai, you will become or still fall in love with Shanghai's cuisine

Shanghai's Historic Past

Even though Shanghai is the world's 5th largest city, it has a colorful history ,and artifacts dated almost 700 years ago that you visit! ( In the 1260-1274 period ) Shanghai was one of the largest trading centers in the world! In the Ming Dynasty ( 1368-1644 ) Shanghai was a national textile city. During the year of 1921 the China Communist party was founded in Shanghai , and still rules China. In 2010, Shanghai hosted the World Expo, which is perfect for this technologically advanced city. Shanghai is fun for nightclubs and parties, and for historical


Shanghai's Activities and Holidays

Shanghai is known for its festive holidays and events, that include flabbergasting shows.

New Year takes place at the end of January and the beginning of February , and it is about the death of a old year and the birth of a new one. Drift along the Huangpu River on a cruise and watch the city as it lights up like the 4th of July sky at night. On National Day watch the jaw-dropping dances . Watch the boats race across the open water on Dragon Boat day that is intended to " scare " the fishes away , so they won't eat the politician who died cause nobody used his ideas to save China. Shanghai has more of these awesome events.


Evening though this city is very modern, it still ha old treasure. The Old City Temple built in the (1403) Ming Dynasty will be worth your time to visit. Tour the old and elaborate Jade Temple, which is huge to China's culture like any temple. Next time you go out to eat, visit the Yuyaan Gardens built in the Ming Dynasty (AD242). On your way back to you hotel, stop by the Fenjing Watertown built 1,500 years ago. Visit these sights will send you back in time and wow you.

Shanghai Climate

Weather in Shanghai is near freezing to almost 90 degrees and will suit every need. In Shanghai, the winters are cold and the average* temperature high is 46` - 74` and lows of 34`- 60`.On average day, Shanghai gets 5 hours of sun. In spring, Shanghai has a enjoyable climate with highs of 57`-83` and lows 44`-71`, with 3-4 inches of rain. In the summer, Shanghai has an average hottest temperature of 90` and 3-4 inches of rain. Fall is the just-right season, the highs are 63`-83` and lows of 49`-70`, with 2-3 inches of rain. The weather varies as much there are days.

*=lowest high and highest high, and lowest low and highest high

`= degrees Fahrenheit


Ever wanted to speak a cool other language? Try Shanginese! There is over 50,000 characters, but most people only 6,000. Here is some helpful words in Shanghainese: Xie Xie (she-eh she-eh) means Thank you, and Ni hao (nee how) which means hello. Over 14 million people speak Shanghainese. Shang means "on", and hai means "ocean". It make sense because it is on the coast. Try this complex language in Shanghai.

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