Week of August 27th...

LA Staff News


~Reminder~Take attendance for the corresponding hours in PowerSchool. The MOST important hour is 2nd hour--and make sure that is recorded by 9:15.


Tuesday: 8:00 AM: Liberty Education Foundation Board Member coming to talk to staff about the Foundation (10 mins tops). Meet in cafeteria.



Principal Meeting AM-MN

Visible Learning Teacher Cohort at DAC PM (Summer, Paul)


Items to Note:
-Have all students signed the AUP?

-Would you like students to sign a contract regarding the virtual course? To help them better understand the responsibilities/expectations?

Upcoming Dates:

9/3: No School--Labor Day

9/6: Visible Learning at LA (Melissa, Chad, Art, Summer) in PM

9/14: Teacher PDPs due in NEE

9/27: Visible Learning Teacher Cohort at DAC PM (Summer, Paul)

Restorative Circles

Restorative Practices build community and can help set things right when the integrity of the community is challenged by harmful behaviors.

When people come together for restorative interactions they sit in circles. Circle dialogue is a

fundamental element of restorative dialogue.

Classroom circles support the two main goals of restorative practices: building community and

responding to harms through dialogue that sets things right.

I believe that a restorative approach will be a key ingredient in our success. For that to happen, circles will have to be a norm. Not something we do once a week or less.

The current consequences are primarily centered around vaping/tobacco use and attendance. I think a circle for each of these topics would be helpful, especially this week.

Please find a time to make each of these conversations happen. The kids are fired up about these topics, so they will welcome an opportunity to have their voices be heard and we would love for them to understand the adult perspective as well.

Field Trip Liaison Needed

The following people need to be notified when there is a field trip: Debi Straws, Kim Saddler, and Kathy Wright.

Art takes care of scheduling and transportation, but can we have someone else be the liaison for everyone else so that the cafeteria and nurse are notified in a timely fashion?

Whomever is interested, let Art know so that we can get trips off without a hitch.


LA Students in LTS

Don't forget about the pieces of LA that these students are missing out on. If things are recorded and uploaded to Canva, please make sure you ask Robin to ask them to watch them. We want their transition to us to be as smooth as possible when the time comes.

Sir Jameson Thomas (Goes by Jameson)

Thomas Stevens

Logan Reiter (has transferred out)

Soon: Caleb Rickard

*These students will attend face to face math. They will also be available for you to pull out for any necessary times. Please communicate with Robin.