Tri Quotes

By Qeante Dawking, Kenneth Ramirez and Tristen Collins


Quotes can inspire people to do their best but times it won't be interesting for some people.

Even though there are some quotes that may not inspire everyone, quotes will help other people to think more positively and have more confidence themselves.

How we are going do it

For the three of us, we are going to use inspiring quotes from any type of topic it can bring such as, The Zodiac Quotes, Video Game Quotes, Life Quotes and many more. By each morning we will put a quote into the morning announcements in email.

The Paragraph

(T)"Offering Positivity to people who don't ask for it can inspire those struggling the most to see the good in each day" (Ferrantelli). This would start a positive influence on students by giving them inspiring quotes so that they can be able to make it through the day. These quotes that we provide in the morning would be remembered for in the future by other Students who aren't really positive on the daily bases.(Q) The inspirational quotes can really brighten a lot of people's day. But they might be for everyone or not all people will understand them. For example, one student thinks, "certain people it could will encourage students to be more optimistic and brighten their days (Evil Mondays!).(K) Quotes can make someone feel someone feel more positive which they are able to be more active around in life without any problems in their ways. "Seeing the quotes the quotes in the morning could cheer up someone's day, they can pause to restart and to feel better" (Vivas). Whenever someone is down, the quotes that we show in the announcements could make someone cheer up and try their best. With this, people could cheer up and try their best to keep moving on.

Here are some quotes we are using

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For this quote it tells is that when you are giving the gift of life into the earth, your supposed to follow the rules just like behaving like everyone else but its YOUR gift, you do what YOU want do with it. Everyone has their own path of their life to walk through.
By making this legacy happen, it can help many people have confidence in themselves and make their day better and maybe even more positive.