Lord Byron


The poem is literally about a breaker of two lovers.


The speaker is going over the separation he or she went through with his or her lover; and remembering the beauties and dark parts of the relationship and breakup.


The language within the poem is very out-dated; due to the time period it was written in, but it is very formal. It also uses very simple words; its not to complex in word usage. Imagery is often used here "Sunk chill on my brow-- It felt like the warning".


The poem I chose has an alternating rhyme structure; it deviates from this format near the end of the poem. The poem develops in the form of a narrative, and tells a story of being with her and breaking up and not knowing what to say. Each stanza happens to be a sentence so being that there were four stanza's there are four sentences.

Musical Devices

The rhyme scheme is fairly regular until the end of the poem. The effect is formal and satisfying. There are no instances of alliteration, assonance, and consonance repetition. The poem created a solemn mood for me.
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