Social Studies

Colonies To See

The New England Colonies

One of the colonies was started by Roger Williams when he was banished from Massachusetts, and started the colony of Rhode Island. Anne Hutchinson was banished from Massachusetts because she disagreed with the church leaders and went to Rhode Island. The climate in the New England colonies is cold. There is thin, rocky soil. New England's resources are furs, timber, ships, and fish. Some jobs that you could get in New England colonies are being a farmer. You could help trade goods with England and other colonies. You could also cut timber, build ships, fish, and hunt whales.The religious group are called the Puritans. They are very strict Christians.

The Middle Colonies

The New York Colony is one of the colonies in the Middle Colonies it is named after the Duke of York.The climate in The Middle Colonies is warm and the soil is rich. Middle Colonies's resources were timber, furs, wheat, ships ,cattle, and iron. Some jobs you can get are you can grow wheat and mine iron. The Middle Colonies religion is the Quakers the Quakers are Christian.

The Southern Colonies

One colony in the Southern Colonies is the Virginia Colony. The Virginia Colony is founded by John Smith and named after Queen Elizabeth I. The Southern Colonies have the warmest climate it has flat land and rich soil. Southern Colonies's resources were timber, tobacco, rice, fish, and indigo. Some jobs you can get are you can farm tobacco or rice. There are many different religions in the Southern Colonies, such as, Catholic and Anglican.

All in All

There are many things that are similar and different about the colonies. They are different because the climate in colder in the north and warmer in the south. The natural resources and jobs are different. Something similar about all of the colonies are that all of the religions are Christian.