December Newsletter

North Salem High School


T.R.U.E. North


Greetings North Salem High School Community,

A most sincere Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from North Salem High School! This is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be busy and stressful. Our hope is that you are able to, please, take care of yourselves and rest.

Over the coming weeks, our hope is that students and families take the time to relax, recharge, and reflect about North Salem High School. Please consider our list below:

  1. Check Grades using ParentVue- grades were recently updated by teachers. Are there classes where student grades do not reflect the student/family’s expectation? ALL students can earn excellent grades with commitment and hard work. Consider the break as a time to get caught up and demonstrate your learning to improve grades.
  2. Read! Wet winter days are the best for getting into a good book.
  3. Physical Activity- walking or any physical activity with family and friends is a healthy habit for your body and mind.
  4. Create an art project as a family- working together on a fun project will give you time to connect and
  5. Volunteer- many local organizations could use your help.

When we return in January students should plan on putting their time and energy into healthy patterns on their path towards graduation. All students need 24 credits to graduate and attendance is the key to student success.

Please take care of yourselves, enjoy the break with family and friends, and know that North Salem High School will be here in the new year ready to continue our mission of equitably educating, supporting, and inspiring ALL students.

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Blood Drive Success

On behalf of the Health Services program and the American Red Cross, we would like to thank everyone for sacrificing their time and space for our Blood Drive yesterday. We were able to host 94 donors and receive 59 units of viable blood to help save lives. A special thank you to the PE department for giving up their teaching space for a day. We know how difficult that becomes in preparing to do the great work you do daily with our students!

Holiday Baskets

Thank you to everyone that participated in our holiday basket event. It was a complete success. Your donations are greatly appreciated and It was great to see students get involved. The students won their bet and Ms. Boehlke now has green and pink hair.

Semester Finals in January

Finals are coming up quick! Please see the finals schedule below:

    • 1/26, Wednesday late start Peridods 1 & 5
      • 1st: 9:30-10:40
      • 5th: 10:50 to 12:00
      • Lunch: 12:00-12:30
      • Bus pickup at 1:00
    • 1/27, Thursday Periods 2,3, & 4
      • 2nd: 8:30-9:40
      • 3rd: 9:50-11:00
      • 4th: 11:10-12:20
      • Lunch: 12:20-12:50
      • Bus pickup at 1:00
    • 1/28, Friday Periods 6, 7, & 8
      • 6th: 8:30-9:40
      • 7th: 9:50 to 11:00
      • 8th: 11:10am-12:20pm
      • Lunch 12:20-12:50
      • Bus pickup: 1:00


The holiday season can be both lovely and challenging – may you feel tended to and find moments of rest during this time. Below are some resources for students:

Salem Area Resources

Children's Behavioral Health 503.576.4676

Youth and Family Crisis Services 503.576.4673

IB Program

Sophomores interested in learning more about the International Baccalaureate program will be getting information in their January advisory class. Contact Amy Green for more information

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