Book and Sponsor in 9 Days

Great ways to finish off January strong

I am not taking credit for any of this. The amazing Tysh Mefferd shared this and I want to make sure you all can see it. Feel free to use her wording exactly. I really think this can make a he impact on your business!!

Mailng out catalogs and opportunity packets

Okay everyone! I want to share with you what my BHAG on Booking & Sponsoring is before the END of the month and invite ANY and ALL who would like to join me! I have a goal of booking 12 Trunk shows over the next 12 days (before the end of the month) that will take place between now AND the end of March! So, hoping to add a show or two for THIS month via text, fb message AND follow up phone calls AND February AND March bookings through mailing reach out!

I'm inviting any/all to join me that are interested in being a part of this FUN end of month push!!! Booking is WAY more fun with partners in crime! Let's do this together..and build our BEST spring EVER! COMMENT here if you want to join me! Let's make this our MOST commented on post to! Let's share our bookings, successes, etc.. It's all about numbers and reach out and FOLLOW UP!

I'm starting with my December customers..and working backwards smile emoticon.

My process:

1. I'm sending look books with the enclosed materials (a PDF of our sign up special with a post it note attached, and a look book with the note attached). I don't want anyone to feel that they need to give a "referral gift" but I have always chosen to do this...and I feel it's very much worked in my favor. I've not always given $100 s & d item, I've given less at times, but will be completely honest and say that I did give $100 items when I made one fraction of what I make now and I looked at it as an investment in my business and told myself, go book another trunk show to cover the gift smile emoticon. Even if you offered a $25 Gift Card...I think people love treats (i know that we as stylists do), and will motivate some to act and reach out to a girlfriend OR family member.

Look Book Notes states:

Hi Shelly!
Happy New Year! I am so excited for our new collection from Stella and Dot! It truly is our best yet! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy browsing this gorgeous look book! I will give you a call on Friday to chat about a trunk show in Feb or March! I promise you will love it and your girlfriends will too!!! Could be so fun to do early in Feb before Valentine's Day!!! Xoxo Tysh

Sign up Special PDF sticky note states:

"Who do you know that would LOVE to be a stylist? Refer a friend to join my team this month and I'll send you a $100 Stella & Dot gift card" xo, Tysh

2. I'm writing on the notes "I'm calling MONDAY" for ALL that I'm mailing out today and tomorrow...and I've got 2 hours scheduled for ME to do 30 reach out calls on Monday.

3. I'm CALLING on leaving a vm if I don't reach them live (in a VERY happy clappy way:)):

Hi Andrea ! Tysh with Stella & Dot here. So sorry I missed you! You are probably like me and don't even listen to voicemails, so I am popping over a text to you now! Chat soon!

4. Following up with a TEXT message immediately after I leave the voice mail with the following TEXT message AND the cute VALENTINE image below.

"Hey Andrea! Just left you a voicemail but thinking you are like me and texting is easier to communicate! Any way, what did you think??? Isn't the new collection GORG!!! I have two dates in Feb and I would LOVE to do a show for you and your girlfriends! Feb is so easy bc you can pop some champagne and set up a Hershey kiss bar! Cute theme is Sparkle and a Kiss!!! What do you think? Free shopping for you and FUN for all!!!"

That's it! It's a process...and I'm following the 3 steps (mailing, CALLING, texting) with ALL 30 that I send before END of day tomorrow. I'll start with 10 more each day on Monday...with a total of 60 look books going out AND follow ups happening before the end of NEXT week.

5. For those that I receive responses back from, I'm going to also text back/bring up the sign up special:

"OMG...and did you get my note? What jewelry loving friend of yours would love to become a stylist? We have the BEST sign up special EVER and I'd I'm looking for gals that are interested in earning extra $$ working flexibly from home around their busy schedules smile emoticon. Of course, would be honored to have you join my team...but if you are not interested, I'm certain you know some great gals that this could be great for smile emoticon."

I'm starting with my December customers..and working backwards

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Katie Bullen- Associate Director