ESU 6 Administrator's Report

Autumn Extravaganza of News @ 6 You Can Use for Sept 2022

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Nomination window open for first cohort of Lead Nebraska Fellows

We are seeking talented teacher leaders from across ESU 6 who will be our first cohort of Lead Nebraska Fellows. Nominees must have demonstrated initiative in your district and possess some interest in pursuing an Ed Leadership program and getting involved in school leadership opportunities.

ESU 6 is sponsoring these leadership seminars through a 100K Educator Pipeline grant from NDE, in partnership with UNL Ed Ad and NCSA. This grant is focused on developing teacher leaders and fostering readiness and enthusiasm for pursuing educational leadership through Ed Ad program pathways. The year one program will occur in the spring semester of 2023. Interested participants must complete this brief form by October 6 at

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ESU 6 Board Adopts Annual Budget

After presenting a comprehensive preview in August, Business Director Vicki Taylor provided final details and line-item analysis of the 2022-23 budget for the ESU 6 Board at its September meeting, leading to formal adoption of the budget after the special hearing to set the final tax request and the earlier budget hearing.

While the total tax request generates just over $2.5 million through the ESU's levying authority, this actually comprises less than one-fourth of the ESU 6 operating revenue, and core service dollars (state aid to ESUs) equates to less than 2% of the ESU funding. The largest component of ESU of revenue comes through local contracts, which is over half of the ESU 6 funding. Federal grants and state contracts account for almost one-fifth of ESU 6 revenue for 22-23. Budgetary growth for 22-23 is attributable to increased and new grant awards, including multiple educator pipeline grants. The Budget Hearing, Special Hearing to Set Final Tax Request and Budget Adoption were conducted by the ESU Board on September 8, ahead of the September 30 deadline for Budget Certification to Counties, the State Auditor and NDE.

In Nebraska, our public schools are Rooted in Academics and Grown for Success. Learn more and see the full stats sheet at
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Pump It Up Wellness Challenge is Available for October

The EHA Wellness Challenge for October and enrollment is open! Participants are challenged to:

  • Find 3 different resistance training exercises that you enjoy
  • Perform resistance exercises a minimum of 3 times per week

The completion requirement for this challenge is 20 Days and educators can log in to the EHA site at to enroll! You can learn more by checking out the latest EHA Wellness video explaining the October challenge via YouTube at

Resistance training has many health benefits, including increased muscle strength and improved muscle tone. From squats to lunges to push ups to lifting free weights, there are many types of resistance training. You can use the October challenge to find what works for you!

Dr. John Skretta, ESU 6 Administrator

Dr. Skretta is the Educational Service Unit #6 Administrator. Dr. Skretta's career experience in education includes teaching high school English and reading, serving as an assistant principal, high school principal, and school district superintendent prior to coming to ESU 6. He is a past Chair of NCSA and serves on the Information Resources and chairs the Legal Committee of the ESUCC.

Educational Service Unit #6

ESU 6 serves the educational needs of our 16 member school districts in five different counties, offering students and staff a comprehensive program of services, including:

  • Professional Development
  • Student Services
  • Technology
  • Production and Design

The highly qualified team members of ESU 6 will work directly with you and your staff to determine how we can tailor services to best meet your school's needs. ESU 6 is here to ADVOCATE, COLLABORATE, & COMMUNICATE with educators and systems across the ESU 6 area. Check out the new ESU 6 website to learn more!