Cobra Buzz

March 12th - 16th

Sincere Thanks

I am so extremely grateful for a wonderful administrative team and faculty for allowing me to get my rest and recuperate while not worrying about the school. I thank everyone for the teamwork effort you displayed this past week. I am extremely lucky to be a part of an amazing team.

I know our babies were probably extra because they finally figured out that Mrs. Goodson wasn't on campus, so I would like to say thank you by allowing all staff members to wear jeans any day this week and providing lunch to everyone on Thursday.

Week at a Glance

40 day Test Prep Begins Monday, March 12th

Instructional Conferences begins on Monday (See schedule provided by Dr. Worten)

Monday, March 12th - Very brief faculty meeting at 3:15. We should be finish by 3:30.

Tuesday, March 13th - Faculty Meeting (Book Study & Conference Overview)

Wednesday, March 14th - Activity Schedule (See calendar provided by Student Council)

Thursday,March 15th - DHEC on campus for 7th grade presentation

RMS News & Reminders

All Professional & Classified Staff Members should be signed-in by 7:15 every morning.

It is mandatory that every teacher be in attendance at their Morning Meeting.

ALL certified teachers should be in the halls during dismissal to ensure smooth transitions. Classrooms should never be left unattended.

Don't allow your students to leave class until the bell rings. It causes disruptions in the hall when students are not properly supervised. However, students should be dismissed at the bell so they can get to their other class.

Parents should be notified in a timely manner regarding student behavior and grades. Communication with parents is one of the weakest areas according to our survey. Grades should be entered weekly.

March of Dimes Campaign will be sponsored by the Beta Club. More details will be coming out later this week. One of our employees contributions will be to wear jeans any day of the week beginning March 19th - 30th for $5.00. Your contributions must be paid by Friday, March 16th in order to participate. If you miss the deadline, a $1.00 penalty per day will be added.


Upcoming Events

Sampit rising 6th grades visit on March 22nd

Superintendent Art Award - March 26th

End of the Nine Weeks - March 28th