The Weekly Howler

Shaw Sundog Newsletter

Happy Summer!

This will be the last newsletter of this school year. We look forward to seeing you in the Fall for a brand new school year! The Shaw staff wishes each and everyone of you a fun, safe, and sunny Summer.

Field Day Success

Thank you for all of your wonderful donations that help make Field Day such a success. Mrs. Warner put a lot of work into organizing Field Day and we would like to thank her as well.

Goodbye and Good Luck Mrs. Lehe

Thank you for entrusting your children to me for the past 10 years here at Shaw. I count it a privilege to have been able to help them with illnesses, injuries, and the many other interactions I have had with them throughout the year. I will not be coming back in the fall, as I have decided to retire, and look forward to visiting my own children who live all over the world. I would like to send my wishes that you all have a very happy, healthy summer!

Mrs. Lehe

Last Day Movies

Tomorrow the Kindergartners, 1st, and 2nd grades will be watching The Wild rated G. The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will be watching Jumping Ship rated G.

Online Registration for 2016-2017

Every year the online registration needs to be completed for upcoming school year. This can be done by using your iParent account or completing a blank registration form. Please contact the office in August if you have any questions.

Yearbooks Released

If you have already purchased a yearbook they will be handed out this week. If you still need to get a yearbook there is a limited supply left for purchase. You can purchase yearbooks via School Cash Online here.

Celebrating Math Masters!

  • Iuliia Balitskiya Kindergarten
  • Ace Ballesteros Kindergarten
  • Owen Bergman Kindergarten
  • Katie Craft Kindergarten
  • Lizzie Waterhouse Kindergarten
  • David Zagorodnya Kindergarten
  • Eliza Craig Kindergarten
  • Chloe Hamilton Kindergarten
  • Reece Brown 1st Grade
  • Javin Foley 1st Grade
  • Nikki Nevzuroff 3rd Grade
  • Sadee Campbell 3rd Grade Advanced
  • Max Clark 3rd Grade Advanced
  • Serenity Fenton 3rd Grade Advanced
  • Abagail Sitbon 4th Grade
  • Lauren Porcello 5th Grade Advanced
  • Alex Crawford 5th Grade Advanced
  • Ryan Tait 5th Grade Advanced
  • Jaden Baker 5th Grade Advanced X 2
  • Gatlin Nelson 5th Grade Advanced X 3
  • Sadie Krozel 5th Grade Advanced X 3
  • Dominik Vaughn 5th Grade Advanced X 3
  • Jada Humble 5th Grade Advanced X 3
  • Mattson Cook 5th Grade Advanced X 3
  • Corey Dearborn 5th Grade Advanced X 3

Online Academic Resources

Looking for some online assistance with your child's homework? Perhaps you're looking for an educational program to challenge your child at home. Take a look at our core academic programs as well as some supplemental programs such as Moby Math right here. Please note, some programs require your child to recall their username and login info.

School Report Card: 2014-2015


As a requirement of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, states and school districts must issue annual report cards to parents. The purpose of the report card is to provide parents with information about the district and their child’s school in terms of teacher qualifications, academic achievement, and school/district accountability. To access the report cards, please visit our website and select School Report Card to the Public at:

If you would like a written copy of your school’s report card, please contact the front office at 352-0500.

Mark Your Calendar


  • 6/15 Online Registration Open - iParent


  • 8/9-8/11 Tentative Registration - Office Open
  • 8/15 First Day of School
  • 8/15 - 8/19 Kindergarten Roll In
  • 8/22 First Day for Kindergarten

Community Feedback Surveys

We always appreciate your feedback. Surveys can be accessed here so you may provide feedback and let us know how we're doing. Thank you!

Connect Ed Messages

You can control the ConnectEd messages you receive from Shaw. Follow the MyConnect link to access the simple step-by-step directions for personalizing your ConnectEd messages.