Stop cyber bullying

cyber bullying is taking lives. Help stop.

Where do i stand on cyber bullying?

I do not understand why they do it. People mess around a lot, but some kids take to far. Maybe making a profile that hates on you. or posting photos of you, calling you names, or just texting you bad messages about you and your family. This topic really is something we need to put a stop to this. It cause a lot of harm to the younger generation. We need to stop and fight against this now.

reasons bullys do what they do:

Sometimes bullies are either having rough times as well, or they just like hurting other students. Either way they need to be stopped. Bullying is cause many problems for our generation. People are becoming more and more mean. Same as for parents, they may be hurting there children. Maybe they bully is also being bullied by there big brother or sister or another student.

what can happen to the kids who get bullied?