How to swing a bat

Hands to the ball

Hands to the ball. Some people call this when they are teaching to put on a seatbelt. When you do this step your hands are close to your body.


Once you are done with the first step you go straight to contact. Contact is when you get to the ball (make contact) ,with hands Palm up palm down, your wrists are firm


Once you have made contact with the ball make sure you are pushing through the ball. Some people like to have their barrel flat which is kinda like you put your bat on a wall and hold it there or you can look down the barrel which is kinda like you are pointing with your bat.

follow through

You r follow through does not matter as much or even at all. After you have gone through hands to the ball, contact and extension the ball is already gone. So a follow through is just a natural part of a swing

Ways to hold a bat

If you are right handed the way you hold a bat is right hand on bottom and left hand on top

If you are left handed your left hand on bottom and right hand on top

Where you stand and how

If the pitcher is slow you are in the front of the box but if they are fast you are either in the middle or back of the box. And finally the way I have my stance in the bow is my feet are staggered.