Active Listening

By: Sydney Chivers

Stop Talking

You can not listen if you are speaking. You have two ears and one mouth, so you can listen as much as you speak. When you are speaking to someone you must eliminate distractions. Concentrate on what is being said not ability of speaking. Concentrate vs. hearing.

Note Taking

For important information you will need to know in future. Focus on key terms. Do not try to write down everyword. Write down concerns or questions and do not interrupt them while they are spekaing.


Inhibit effective listening. Interrupting speaker, have closed mind, react emotionaly. Disturbances such as side conversations and cell phones. Do not pick up your cell phone if its ringing, Just turn it off.

Share the Speaking Role

Do not just be only one speaking. Let others speak to. Focus on the message you are listening to and not the message you are going to deliver because you'll missed what they said. Do not ignore the speaker.