Biotechnology Bill of Rights

By: Max Stevens

Amendment #1 Right of Privacy

If your DNA has been used for biotechnology your identity will not be given to the public and scientist. If your identity has been shown you have the right to sue at all costs.

I am making this a right because in this case if something were to go wrong and change the coarse of the world you wouldn't be to blame. Also if something went right you wouldn't have people trying to talk to you about it all the time.

Amendment #2 Right to blame

If your DNA as been used for biotechnology and something happens to you there is no contract that says you can not take the doctor to court. Also you will always have the upper hand in the case.

I am making this a rule because if something were to go wrong and there was a contract saying that people couldn't sue the doctors would not care if something went wrong. In this case they will care because they can be sued now.

Amendment #3 Right of Reward

In the case that your DNA has made a terrific discovery or cure you get automatically 30% of all profits that are made. The catch is that the right of privacy law is no longer in use.

I am making this a right because people that have helped change the world deserve a reward. And this would kind of be plagiarism because they wouldn't be giving a reward to the people that actually made it possible.

Amendment #4 Right of Protection

If your DNA has been for research you will always have secret service protection if the DNA succeeds to cure something. Also this does mean that you will have people with you at all times.

I am making this a right because if someone were to find out about your DNA somebody could try to kidnap you and destroy the good DNA so they couldn't make more.