Stuff for Tuesday, 11.05.2016

Cute videos, hair dye, this week's events

Check out these hair colors on eMag

Yes, kind of expensive, but they seem like the prefect match for what you wanted:

We need to reschedule for Saturday

Since we got disqualified from the treasure hunt, because we haven't paid the tax on time, we could do something else. Think about something we could do, I will think about it, as well. :)

Ticking tasks

I saw you ticked a task yesterday, although you actually finished more than one. I ticked them for you, but I am curious if ticking it made you feel anything special :D

Cute kitty is cute, I thought you might like it. See below

Here is something really amazing that you will really enjoy watching.

Tuesday's Gone

I thought I should add some music to this whole thing, hope you like it. I will come up with better shit next time, but this is cute.
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone
Play with this while you listen

Gonna give the song a different perspective.