The Veldt

By: Mikel Jones

Our house

Our magnificent house is a two story house. It has six bed rooms and four bathrooms. But the main attractiionof this hous is this great nursery. The room is like a giant computer. It does everything for you it thinks for your, changes dippers, and watches the kids. It's basically a giant babysitter. This housee is peferct for any family with children. I suggest u buy this house.

cost of this beautiful house

This house plus the nursery and pool cost $2,500,000.00

~I know thats a lot of money but this house is so nice it pays for it's self. Believe it or not the nursery pays the bills.

The inside and out

This is the best house ever

The inside

In the inside this house has a giant indoor pool. it's is a 3 foot to 15 foot pool. it is great for any family, children or not. Once you see this pool you will definatley want this house to be all yours.