Dairy Farming

Jesse Tway

Future in Dairy Farming

As Technology grows so will the farming industry. With these technology growth it will make farming a lot easier. when farmers plant their corn in the spring they can put a computer in the tractor that reads how it is planted. Then in the fall when they want to pick it the computer will just re run the pattern and pick it automatically. As people move more help is need, so why not use a robot (14 Graham)?

Crops on the Dairy Farm

There are a lot of different types of crops in dairy farming. Crops are one of the most important keys to farming. If you did not have crops you wouldn't be able to feed your cows. Some people just frm crops, they are known as cash croppers. All the different types of crops on the farm are corn, beans, wheat, hay (USDA). The USDA States "Corn is the number one crop grown in America" (USDA).

Cows on the Dairy Farm

In Dairy farming there are many different breeds. Some breeds are Durhams, Ayrshires, Guernseys, Jerseys Holsteins and Brown Swiss. There are many more. In farming today people have cross breeds (Northamereican). At the farm the I work at we have three cross breeds of a Jerseys and Holsteins. According to North American dairy "Cross breeds are made to better the cow" (9).


Tractors are a key role in farming today. As farming grows so does the machinery. According to David Glover "farmers us them to pull plows and to work other farm machines" (7). People put loaders on the front of tractors to help with farm work. Loader help people move feed and equipment. The loader is a arm that attaches to the front of the tractor (Glover 17).

History of Dairy Farming

Farming has been around sense people have been. The fist people had to learn how to farm the land to be able to survive. Dairy farming is not as old as trying to survive. To Start dairy farming in the United States immigrants brought over cattle when they moved here. They were bring over different types of cows all the time, till the 1800's when the people decided to put them in spifficall breed (special collections). With these breeds of cows milking was all that got done with them. Special collections state the breeds of cows were "Durhams, Ayrshires, Guernseys, Jerseys and Brown Swiss (special collections)."


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