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Attractive Corset Designs

A number of women are blessed with beautiful body, for others a corset helps to accentuate the hourglass like shape of the torso. For centuries, corsets have been an important part of feminine fashion. They are worn both as undergarments and as fashionable outfits. Given the large range of corset styles, you will be spoilt for choice while shopping for corsets.

Corsets, whether worn underneath an outfit or as an outfit, are extremely gorgeous. They can be worn to parties and proms. Most of the glamorous bridal dresses remain incomplete without a fashionable corset. Sensuous corsets, also known as bustier, are integral to lingerie fashion.

Different Corset Styles

Steel Boned Corset

Appropriate boning is needed for stiffening corsets. Although plastic is widely used for constructing the bones of cheaper corsets, the finest quality corsets come with boning made out of steel. The thin steel bones integrated in the fabric apart from improving the shape of the torso help to hold the corset in place. Steel boned corsets come in different styles including overbust corsets, underbust corsets, steampunk corsets and waist training corsets.

Overbust Corsets

Overbust corset is an attractive corset top that is usually worn with skirts of varying lengths and even with trousers. Available in a wide range of sizes, there is an overbust corset for the zero-sized figure as well as the plus size women with a large waistline. The advantage of wearing a corset is that it helps to shrink the waist, thereby accentuating the curves. There are numerous colour and design options for overbust corsets, such as corsets with brocade, jacquard striped corsets, polka dotted corsets, stylish satin corsets, corsets with halter neck and vintage corsets encrusted with crystals, diamante and stones.

Underbust Corsets

Corsets worn beneath a visible dress helps to accentuate the cleavage and reduce the size of the waist. The underbust corsets with buckles boast of a variety of styles. From the traditional steel boned classic white underbust corset to patterned or printed stylish corsets, the choice of underbust corsets is unusually large. Corsets with stripes, brocades and prints are available in different color shades.

Bridal Corset

The luxurious white or ivory corsets made out of soft fabrics are the perfect undergarment to support your torso on your wedding day. By reducing the size of the waist by several inches, even an overweight bride will appear svelte by wearing an underbust corset of appropriate size.

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Tips for Buying Corsets in UK

Corsets sold in UK come in a variety of sizes and styles. The fabric, boning material, design and the size of the corset should be taken into account while shopping for corsets. The underbust corsets and overbust corsets, the two corset styles, can be worn in different ways to accentuate the curves.

Combining the traditional design with contemporary style, the fashion corsets are one of the most gorgeous feminine garments. They can be worn below clothes as lingerie to support the bust and shrink the waist by several inches. However, the attractive designs of corsets have tempted fashionable women to display the corsets on top of their blouses and shirts. The overbust corsets paired with appropriate skirts are among the most stylish garments that can be worn on different occasions.

How to Buy Corsets


The quality of a corset can be easily evaluated by the type of the boning material used for constructing the garment. Steel boned corsets are preferred for their durability and stability. Spiral steel bones are flexible. They can be adjusted easily. The stability of flat steel bones help to maintain the shape of the bust. Corsets with plastic boning are not as strong and stable as steel boned corsets. Nonetheless, they are comfortable, lightweight and flexible. Hence, suitable for women who want to avoid a tight fitted steel boned corset.


The fabric of the corset should be soft and comfortable. Good quality corsets are usually made of a breathable fabric. Cotton is a popular choice for underbust corsets. For overbust corsets, you can opt for cotton or satin corsets.


Both overbust and underbust corsets offer different neckline options. Women with smaller busts should opt for corsets with straight necklines. Corsets with sweatheart neckline are suitable for most breast sizes. Women with heavier breast may consider wearing corsets with scoop or plunge necklines that help to support the bust and accentuate the cleavage.


The busk adds rigidity to the corset. To keep the front part of the corset straight, go for a corset with busk constructed with flat steel. Corsets with front opening busk can be worn easily without help. Corsets are also available without busk. However, you will need someone to help you wear the corset without busk. Moreover, corsets without a busk have a higher risk of tear near the front fastening point.


To ensure a comfortable fit, buy a corset that is about 4 inches smaller than the size of your natural waistline. A well-fitted corset will reduce the size of your waistline, making you look slimmer.

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Dressing up with Fashion Corsets

If you are searching for a stylish outfit that apart from meeting your dressing requirement helps to accentuate your body curves, consider wearing a gorgeous corset. The versatile fashion corsets can be included into any clothing style. They can be paired with sexy gowns and smart trousers. Moreover, you cannot overlook the sensuous effect of fashion corsets that are worn as lingerie.

The stunning corset styles with a wide range of colour and design options can suit every occasion. Whether you need a garment for a stage performance, costume party or a night out, you can always find an attractive corset for the event.

Why Buy Fashion Corsets?

Fashion corsets are ideal for women who admire corsets but are not eager to reshape their bodies. The plastic boning of the fashion corsets are not as rigid as the steel bones of traditional corsets. They are flexible and comfortable. You can easily carry the lightweight fashion corsets. Moreover, they are affordable. The red, pink or purple corsets with black crisscross lace and ruffle around the neckline are popular vintage corset styles that can be worn with skirts and trousers. For a bolder look, opt for a black or red corset studded with diamante. The burlesque corset with frills is a popular corset style. If you are looking for a luxurious outfit, consider buying hot pink satin corset or a back corset with bow and lace trim. To support your bust line, you can choose a fashion corset with straight or sweetheart neckline. Fashion corsets are not designed solely for slim women with small to medium bust line. Even voluptuous women can accentuate their curves with plus size fashion corsets.

Where to Buy Fashion Corsets

From the vintage to the contemporary, a wide range of corsets is available in a reputed online corset store. From the comforts of your home, you can browse the large collection of attractive underbust and overbust corsets, and purchase the corsets of your choice. Accurate measurements of the waist, hip and bust are needed to ensure best fit. As a fashion corset with plastic boning is not as strong and rigid as steel boned corsets, the garment may be damaged if you try to accommodate your torso forcefully into the corset. The waist measurement is most important in finding a corset of appropriate size. It is advisable to buy corsets whose waist size is 4 inches less than the natural size of your waist. For a tighter fit, the laces of the corset can be adjusted accordingly.

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Look Gorgeous with Moulin Rouge Corsets

You cannot resist the attraction of stunning Moulin Rouge corsets. The showstopper costume appeals to erotic dancers as well as fashion conscious women who want to showcase their hourglass-like silhouette. Made with the finest quality fabric, usually with stainless steel boning, these corsets are gorgeous and stylish.

For a sensuous sartorial style, consider wearing a stunning overbust corset. When paired with short ruffled skirts or tutus, the Moulin Rouge corsets will convert you into a sexy diva. The classic Moulin Rouge-style underbust, apart from reducing the size of your waistline, will boost your bust line to create the perfect cleavage.

Different Moulin Rouge Corset Styles

With countless corset styles to choose from, most shoppers are in a quandary about selecting the appropriate corset for a certain occasion. Corsets are versatile. Apart from improving the shape of your torso, they can be worn in different ways and mixed and matched with a variety of dresses and accessories.

Overbust Corsets

For stage performances, parties and night outs, you can choose a stunning overbust corset. An overbust corset by covering the entire torso, including the bust line can be worn as a top. The sweetheart bust line design of the corsets is suitable for most women. For women with smaller boobs, who want to give their bust line a lift, the straight neckline overbust corset is a popular option. The steel boned corsets are ideal for waist reduction. The steel bones support the corset, tightly hugging the torso to reduce the waistline by several inches. If worn consistently, steel boned corsets help to reshape the silhouette, creating an attractive curvy body. However, before wearing the rigid steel boned corsets, most women prepare their torsos for the waist reduction corset by wearing the lightweight and comfortable fashion corsets. These stunning corsets supported by plastic boning are admired for their gorgeous designs.

A vintage corset with a satin upper layer encrusted with diamante adds glamour and style to your party outfit. If you are looking for something that is chic and contemporary, opt for a stylish sequined brocade corset. For a bold look, opt for a red corset. The white and black classic corsets are highly versatile.

Underbust Corset

The underbust Moulin Rouge corsets can be worn beneath or above blouses or shirts. They are smart and classy. The buckled underbust corsets can be paired with halter neck tops. The PVC underbust corsets are widely used for waist reduction. Apart from plain black, white and red underbust corsets, you can also wear printed underbust corsets.

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