Poetry Project

By: Jazel Briones

I Wish

I wish I had the new iPhone 6

I wish I had $500 each time I went shopping

I wish I had my drivers license

I wish I had money to go to all the concerts I want

I wish I had unlimited battery life and storage on my phone

I wish I had the best hair products in the world

I wish I had a bigger locker

Free Verse

My thoughts walked across the page wondering in what order they need to go,

they came in all different forms.

Important, random, and incomplete are the names of some of them.

Important decides he needs to stand at the beginning to get his point across,

after all he is one of the biggest.

Random decides to stand in the middle, because he can make people laugh or have them thinking what the heck is wrong with him?

Incomplete decides to go at the end, because someone can always come back to it and complete it.


Twenty One Pilots, you guys are on of my biggest idols, you make me think which gives my brain revival.

All the beats you make, they just have to much meaning I feel like my "bones" will break. Just like you guys say ," When you remove all the tricks, only skeleton bones remain."

I remember when I saw you play your songs live, I can't wait to see it again. I'll never be able to describe just how much I felt alive.

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