Electric Cars


Have you ever seen an electric car? Have you ever thought of it helping the environment? Then read on and find out some facts you might not know about electric cars.

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How Far can an Electric Car Go?

The electric car has a range of 50m to 200m under normal condition ( 20 to 40 degrees. ) But if the weather is too cold or too hot the car uses more battery to cool or to heat up the car.

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How are Gas and Electric Cars Different and How are they the Same?

A gasoline car can be plugged in for 10 times as much time as an electric car. A gas car has around 10 parts moving but an electric car has only one part that moves. (To make the car move.)

How do Electric Cars Work?

Knowing how an electric car works is very important. Electric cars have a small electric water heater for heat, and a vacuum pump for the brakes. The electric car can produce 50 walts. 80% of the electricity is transferred to the weals.

This is a hybrid car. It runs on both gas and electricity.

Electric cars have a big downside though. It can only go a fraction of the distance that a gasoline car can go.


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