WrightICT eNews

April 2013


Welcome to the first WrightICT eNewsletter. The intention is to to keep you informed of items I think will be of interest. I hope it's easier on the eye than a pdf or plain email.

Naturally, some items will have come and gone between publications, so for those items of a more transitory nature, I'll place the information on my website or send via Twitter. Links to both at the foot of this eFlyer.

I hope you find this update useful.

WrightICT and Liberating Learning

I'd just like to clarify the position regarding myself and Liberating Learning. The Liberating Learning offer has been circulated to schools and some of you attended the briefing on April 9th.

I am the Local Delivery Partner for Liberating Learning and their offer is available to view from this link.

The 1st Cluster Agreement has been formalised, so exciting times ahead there.

As well as being the LDP for Liberating Learning I still operate independently as WrightICT.

If the LL agreement isn't for you, and you feel you need support in any aspect of ICT/eLearning... or Computing as it will become in September 2014 then please feel free to contact me. My details are at the foot of this eFlyer.

Blippit! Create your own apps.

Blippit! is online software that allows staff and pupils to create web-based apps for mobile devices. Previously expensive and frought with difficulty, app publication is now affordable and accessible. Requiring no technical knowledge to get going, Blippit! is sufficiently open-ended to be accessible to beginners, yet challenging for older/more experienced users.

With mobile devices becomong ever more present in the classroom, you and your pupils can now easily create apps for yourself, your school or the world.
To read about Blippit! on my blog, click here, and for some ideas about how Blippit! can be used in the curriculum, click here.

Scanning the QR code on the left will take you to my first attempt with Blippit! It didn't take long and I'm getting more adventurous! Why not make an app for your school? We have a few Twitter users: What about extending your web presence with a mobile app?

I will be organising a Blippit! course post SAT. Details to follow soon.

HCTS Primary ICT Co-ordinator Meeting 1/5/2013

FOCUS: Bring and share session focusing on sharing ideas on integrating iPads across the curriculum, not just for research.
For further information and booking information, click here.

Google Apps Training

As schools use Cloud-based services more and more and/or seek ways to reduce their expenditure, Google's Apps for Education service is one that is available to schools.
Many schools are familair with GMail and some use Google Drive to create and store documents online. If you'd like to know more about Google Drive and what it can offer you, please follow this link for more information about a course in Durham on April 20th.

If you'd like to discuss the course further, please ring Paul Farrell on 07815 314197

National Curriculum Update

Naace has placed its draft response to the proposed ICT alterations online. To view it, click here.
If you'd like to add your comments, click here.
Northern Grid for Learning have produced a brief summary of the changes of the whole curriculum here.

Getting IT Right Conference

For details about this joint Hull/East Riding conference on April 23rd, follow this link.


It's no secret that I've been a fan of the J2E suite of software for some time now and my blog articles can be read here.
An exciting new development for them is J2Launch, software that provides an easy way to collate web resources in a single place for your pupils.

If you've cancelled your Learning Platform but are looking for an easy to manage solution to collate your web-based resources, J2Launch could well be the answer.
J2E will be at the Getting IT Right conference and I'd recommend a visit to see their software.
It's all online and it matters not on which device you access it.


Previously known as Wallwisher, Padlet is online sticky notes that has many uses across the curriculum. Pupils don't need to sign in and walls created by teachers can be shared via email or embedded into your school site or Learning Platform.
A sample wall is available to see here.
I've used it for ideas gathering, planning and AFL. Well worth checking out.
In fact, why not follow this link and join in with a suggestion on how you might use Padlet. Just pop your name as the title of the sticky note and off we go!
I've left this note open, but if you register and create your own walls you can alter the privacy and access settings of a wall to suit.

iPad Guide

This handy, one page iPad guide is a quick reference card on everything you and your students need to know about iPad. From the hardware to networking features , this little manual can serve as a leading guide to a better manipulation of your iPad.

Handy Apps

Apps that I've come across recently that look promising

Too Noisy. As the noise level in a classroom increases beyond an acceptable level the noise level meter dynamically indicates the level of noise, and the background graphics within the app change to reflect the noise levels. Free, but extra options for £1.49.

Move the Turtle: A full-blown Logo app for the iPad that as well as addressing the work we've been doing with Logo for years also addresses the forthcoming requirement for teaching primary pupils coding/programming. For a review of the app, click here.

Ask3: Ask 3 is an app that takes sharing video a step further. Simply, it allows other users to add comments to an existing video. There are many apps that allow teachers and students to create instructional videos, but as far as I know, this is the only one that allows comments to be added. To see a short video of how it could be used for pupils to assist each other before asking you, click here.