Theater Assignment Module 7

Shannen Atkinson

15th - 16th century Spanish Theater - Theater only developed in Christian parts of Spain because the Islamic faith disapproved of it. Spanish religious plays for the time resembled those performed in medieval Europe. 1508 saw the first Spanish university, which encouraged the study of classical drama and performance in the educational setting.

15th - 16th century French Theater - Before Francis I came to power, the study of plays was mostly academic. Seven French poets known as the Pleiade began to create new grammatical rules and invent new words. Etienne Jodelle ( one of the french poets ) influenced many other writers of the time.

Early Theater in the Americas - It was not until the mid to late 16th century that anyone began to to make written record of cultural elements. 1574 marks the first Spanish-language play that was written by a native born dramatist, as well as the appearance of the first professional actor in the Americas.

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