May Newsletter

OPA in May

The End of School is Near!

Events in MAY:

8th: 5-7pm OPAPO Spring Picnic, CTE Light Show, OPA Soccer Darby

(Bring a picnic, or buy a burger or dog from the Soccer Club. OPAPO will supply Ice Cream)

14th: 5 pm 2015-16 Kindergarten Introduction, Elementary Gym.

16th: Ogden Marathon, 55 OPA young runners are registered for the 5K. Go Eagles!

19th: 11:00am 6th Grade Etiquette Luncheon (Nice Dress, not Semi-formal or Dance Dress)

21st: Lagoon Day

22nd: 11:00am 5th Grade Maturation Meetings (Parents you are invited to attend, watch for the


25th: Memorial Day, No School.

26th: 9:30 am 1st and 2nd Awards Assembly

1:30 pm 3rd and 4th Awards Assembly

27th: Kindergarten Graduation (2 sessions, watch for the invitation).

28th: Early Release Day 12:45 pm.

9:30am 5th and 6th Awards Assembly

29th: Early Release Day 12:45 pm.

Last Day of 2014-15 School Year.

1-4 Field Day at OPA

5-6 Field Day at Lorin Farr Park

8:30 7-9 Awards Assembly*, followed by an end of year Dance.

* It is with regret and respect that we say goodbye to Mr. Mitchell, Assistant Principal at OPA. Mr. Mitchell is retiring at the end of this school year to travel and enjoy life. There will be a tribute to Mr. Mitchell in the 7-9 awards assembly. If you would like to share your thanks and gratitude for a job well done, the secretaries at the secondary building will collect cards, etc. It has been our pleasure to work with you Mr. Mitchell and we are all very jealous. :-)

As school comes to a close, we want to remind you to get your Spanish request forms in by May 15th for the 2015-16 school year. Please clear up all outstanding lunch, or fee balances. Please update any contact information to allow us to reach you in the summer. Summer hours are 10 am- 2 pm Tuesday-Thursday each week of June. The school will be closed for cleaning and repair for the month of July. Have a great summer we will see you again on August 17, 2015.