Monday Message

Week of May 7th- May 11th

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here is a look at our week ahead as we kick off Teacher Appreciation Week - I know our fabulous PTA is going to spoil us with lots of goodies!

Monday, May 7th:

8:30 LEAD EOY (Traci)

9:25 ARD (Kelly)

10:15 SSI ARD (Kelly)

10:20 LEAD EOY (Traci)

10:45 SSI ARD (Kelly)

11:00 SSI ARD (Kelly)

2:15 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

Tuesday, May 8th:

8:35 3rd PLC

9:25 ARD (Kelly)

9:30 LEAD EOY (Traci)

10:20 LEAD EOY (Traci)

10:30 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

11:10 LEAD EOY (Traci)

12:25 ARD (Kelly)

12:30 RTI Meeting (Traci)

2:15 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

Wednesday, May 9th:

*Bike to School Day*

*Nurse Appreciation Day*

8:35 4th Grade PLC

9:30 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

10:15 ARD (Kelly)

12:25 ARD (Kelly)

1:15 ARD (Kelly)

2:00 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

3:00 ARD (Kelly)

Thursday, May 10th:

*Back to School Fair Fundraiser - Crazy Hair Day - Students bring $1 to wear a crazy hairstyle! *

8:35 5th Grade PLC

9:25 ARD (Kelly)

10:30 Dallas Opera will perform in the gym for grades 3-5 - please arrive to the gym at 10:20 so the performance can start on time.

1:20 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

2:05 ARD (Kelly)

3:00 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

Friday, May 11th:

8:30 1st Grade Mother's Day Tea

9:25 ARD (Kelly)

1:15 ARD (Kelly)

2:05 ARD (Kelly)

A Peek At Last Week

That's all I have - let me know if anything has been left out and I will be happy to add it. Have a fabulous week!