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Dear, Caroline I need your help I just got a new job and I'm afraid I'm going to mess up. I'm scared I'm going to let everyone down and make everyone crash and burn because of my mistake. Also since I took this job I'm nervous about my mom being alone because I'm the only one she had. Can you please help me I don't know what to do I'm really stressed out.

Thank you,

Stressed teen..

Dear stressed, I understand why your stressed a new job is always stressful and I understand that your nervous of messing up but, I promise is gets easier and it's only the first day so don't worry you'll do fine.

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Brain jack

Sam Wilson is 14 years old and lives in New York City. He is a computer genius. He went to a hacking convention and met "skull face" he then told him about another convention for " top hackers". Sam found the convention and he was able to hack into it but then.. He was taken to jail for hacking into a place he wasn't suppose to and this jail is called wecton. Sam eventually hacked his way out of wrecton and found doge aka skull face he then took Sam to his soon to be secret job. Go see the brain jack by Brian L. Falkner to see what happens next.

Sam- Cameron Boyce

Dodge-will Ferell

Vienna-Jennifer Lawrence

Fargas-Zac Efron

Brian L. Falkner

"Egg head"

In brain jack when Vienna first met Sam she automatically didn't like him she thought he was an egg head and said the only reason He got the job was luck she also thought he was going to crash and burn and bring everyone down with him if he did. This caused a problem for Sam because she was constantly being rude to him.
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Computer Genius

1.device that gives information

2.14 year old computer genius

3.hates Sam

4.sams best friend

5.sams partner

6.jail Sam was taken to

7.helped Sam escape prison and now works with him

8.where sam lives

9.what Sam is

10.convention for hackers

11.what Vienna thinks of Sam

By: Lexi Blackwell and Melissa Trujillo