Challenges with Technology

Digital Media Final

If There were Cons to Technology...

The Cons to Technology: What Might They Be?

While technology has its upsides, it also has its downsides. There are quite a few cons to meet the pros of having technology in a classroom. Digital distraction (not focusing on classroom-related materials online), accessibility (the Wifi connection for assignments), applicability (ineffective use of technology), and classroom management (distracted students and lack of work being done) are just a few of the challenges digital technology bring to the classroom.

If There Were Pros to Technology...

The Pros to Technology: What Might They Be?

If there were pros to technology, one might say the fact that with it, students can get homework and projects done and have said projects look professional, leading to the students getting a better grade overall. Additionally, since the world is becoming more tech savvy, introducing students to technology relatively early on will allow the students to become more fluent using the technology in the future.