DeSoto ISD Celebrates Principals

National Principals Month 2022

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Let's Celebrate DeSoto Freshman Campus Principal Leon Darden...

Full Name: Leon Darden

Campus: DeSoto High School Freshman Campus (DHS-FC)

How many years have you served as a DeSoto ISD principal? 4

What are you enjoying most as a leader of a DeSoto ISD campus?

The experience of shaping the trajectory of the Class of 2026!

A principal wears many hats, what is the primary hat that you wear as you lead your campus community and why?

My primary hat is ensuring that academics and an accountability of excellence is the standard and not the exception.

What does it mean to fly and how does this definition guide your daily practice?

To fly means to navigate the sky without limitation. My daily practice is guided by the belief that our school community will approach each day knowing the dreams of our students have no limits.

Please share an impactful moment as a school administrator and how it fuels your daily actions.

My impactful moments are rooted daily in my interaction with my students. The smiles, dap, hi-fives and hugs, and seeing them explain their learning are the highlights of my days.

As a principal, how does leadership impact student experience and achievement and in what way do you maintain a pulse on your campus to ensure student success?

The impact on the student achievement and creating the student experience is not finite, it is everlasting. The pulse is felt and not tangible. The energy is the pulse. By being a constant presence in the hallways and classrooms, as well interacting with teachers, students and parents, and analyzing data, the pulse can be felt daily.

Please share a word of advice for aspiring campus leaders.

We need you. Let your heart be your guide. You'll never work if you do.

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