For taste of Texas by: Jackson moss 7th period,tx history,

The flag

    Red for strength, white for faithfulness and green for hope it can also mean red for the blood spilled for Hungary white for freedom and green for the land, for the pastures of Hungary.

Map of country of origin

The reason why the left is because:

Failed revolution efforts to break away from conquerers

International war

And over population during peacetime

Map of Texas

Most of them came to Texas from the northeast from Pennsylvania and New York down

Culture highlights

They have a couple of holidays like us but these are there's

Pentecost Sunday and Monday: 49 days after Easter and Monday after Pentecost

Saint Stephane day : hungry’s first kind and the day they founded hungary

October 23 : it's there national day ,Memorial Day of the 1956 revolution

November 1: it's all saints day the day of remembering the dead

Dec 26 : second day of Christmas

Also when they came to the U.S. They kept their culture and took strong pride to it

Their most popular foods are:

Deep fried Hungarian meat balls

Chicken paprikash

And Hungarian goulash which I'm doing

Big image



2 onions

2 pounds beef stew meat



Egg noodles


Important person

László Újházi he helped found the Republican Party in bexar county when he helped founded the Republican Party in bexar county that was was step closer for the whole Texas

Did you know that

After coming here they kept their language clothing food and there pride of thee country.

The Hungarians are mixed with several different cultures. Magyar,German,slav,Romanian , Romany ,and slovak.

Many of the Hungarian rulers left hungry but the low class people didn't leave.

Analysis paragraph

They helped founded a republic party in bexar county near San Antonio. That helped us because when the Hungarians first moved here they were really well educated and technically trained and them and their children had Important jobs in this community like arts,investment, professional services and politics so that


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