Lenox Elementary

Family Newsletter-Distance Learning Edition 4/23/2020

Greetings Families,

We have almost finished our two week roll out of Distance Learning. If you're keeping track, we had two weeks of Supplemental optional learning and now two weeks of Distance Learning where it's a combination of required teacher-led learning, supplemental learning in a variety of topics, and nutrition and wellness.

Parents, if you have not already given yourself permission to take a step back and do what is best for your family, I am giving you that permission right now. As a parent myself, I am doing my best at balancing working full time, supporting my middle school son and high school daughter with their schoolwork and getting to Google Meets with their teachers, and I am giving myself and my husband a lot of grace. There are stressors, extenuating circumstances, complicated schedules and other factors happening right now along with trying to get your children connected to learning each day. With that being said, teachers are marking teacher-led learning as priority or required to let you know that if your kids only have time to do one or two things per day, those would be the things to do. If you have more time, then working on the supplemental or optional activities and practice work are the next areas to focus on.

Something that is not required, but if you are able to do, is your children attending any live sessions with their teacher. That could be some office hours, Google Meet classroom meetings, live teacher-led lessons, etc. The human connection and continuing the relationships they have built with their teacher and classmates is a crucial piece of their wellness right now. If it is not possible for your student to join those live sessions, then that is ok too. Again, give yourselves grace.

Below is a personal video message from me. Please watch.

Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Gina McLain

Student Belongings Distribution NEXT WEEK

Next week, Tues.-Thurs we will be distributing student belongings that were left at school. Please read the letters linked below. There are directions for how this process will work and a schedule for pick up times.

Distribution Plan English

Plan de distribución español

Please watch the video below to see how this process is supposed to work.

Virtual Spirit Week

Even though we are not in our school building, we can come together virtually and celebrate the spirit we have for our school and community at Lenox. Please participate as you are able to. Have fun and enjoy knowing that others will be uniting and participating in this even though we are not physically together. Feel free to send pictures to your teachers or me of you and your family participating in these spirit days.
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This and That

6th graders

This is a special message for our 6th graders and their families. I am sorry and I can only imagine the emotions you are feeling knowing we had to cancel our traditional, end of year, special 6th grade activities and celebrations. We know that you have been looking forward to these events for many years. With our Governor's statewide order to stay home and not participate in social gatherings, we will have to celebrate and appreciate you virtually this year. Right now, please continue to focus on your family's well-being and staying connected to your teachers and classmates through our distance learning.

Kindergarten Registration

Even though our school buildings are closed, we are still registering incoming kindergarten and other new students for the 2020-21 school year, as well as move-ins for this school year. Please visit this link for all information regarding registration.

Please share this information with your neighbors if they will have a Kindergartener next fall. We would like people to register their Kindergartener as soon as they can. Please do not wait until August, go ahead and do it now. Thank you!