Mississippian Time Period

Travel to the Mississippian time period

Events That Happens In This Time Period

There is a few events that happened during this time. One thing that happened during this time is the Appalachian Mountains begin to form. Another event that happened was North America and Northern Europe lied in the warm tropical region.

The climate And Environment

The climate in the time period is warm like a greenhouse . The Environment is great swamp forest of huge, woody trees.

Plants and Animals

Amphibious tetrapods

Giant insects and myriapods

Plant develop bark

Sea life dominated by sharks, corals, Bryozoa,Brachiopods, Ammonoids, Crinoids, and Foraminifera

What Travelers Might Want to see

Travelers might want to see the environment like the mountains and they also might want to see or even species.

What Should Travelers Pack?

Clothes according to warm weather


Food and a bunch of water

Tent or even a sleeping bag (if going for more than one day.)


First aid kit

What Should Travelers Fear

Predatory species that resembled modern-day crocodiles. Armed with vicious teeth, they reached lengths of almost 20 feet (6meters).

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