Caddo Tribe

By:Christine Quill

Where Did The Caddos Live?

The Caddo's were farmers who lived in East Texas in the piney woods.There were two major Caddo one was the Kadohadacho who lived in small villages along the Red River. The other main Caddo tribe was Tejas who lived in the present day, Nacogdoches.

Food the Caddo Ate

The Caddo were farmers they planted corn squash and beans. They also hunted deer, turkey, rabbits and other animals that were near by in the piney woods. The woman would gather natural foods like black barriers and strawberries although farming provided the main source of food.

How they Contained their Food

The Caddos were farmers so they mostly planted they're fruits and placed them in baskets and in they're houses. When they hunted and killed animals for food they had to eat it before it went bad.

Type of Dwelling they lived in

The houses that the Caddos lived in were grass houses called simply grass huts. They were made out of long grass and a wooden frame.

Tools/ Weapons They Used

The Caddos used a tool called a stone ax to cut down trees for more wood to make other tools. Women grounded corn with a corn mill made from a tree trunk. They also began to make pottery to store thing in.

Traditions they had

The Caddo were dancers, priests, warriors, artists etc. The woman left of the Caddo are now in the modern time bringing back the tradition of pottery.
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Who lead the Caddo

The Caddo were a rich and strong tribe, they were mostly lead in a type of government sort of a organization that was in Oklahoma. There is not much known about the other though.

Location in Modern days

The location of what's left of them live in modern day houses. Many of them still own gems but use a tractor not pick around the fields with a stick. Some of them are living modern day lives as policmen and other action jobs.
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The Caddo were mostly friendly with tribes south and east of them but when it came to the tribes to the north they were mostly enemies. They also traded all over Texas becoming one of the most rich tribes.