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Feb 4-8, 2019

from J & Mike,

In case you missed it, Dr. Jungmann shared a letter to all SPS staff thanking them for their work and commitment to our students. It was published yesterday (Feb 2) in the Springfield News-Leader, and can be found here. Some of his specific words:

"I thank you for caring deeply about our students. Our students are counting on you and they need your continued love, support, encouragement, passion and commitment to help them meet their full potential. We’re in this together and I’m proud to be serving with you."

Gratitude in this world too often goes unsaid, and usually equally unshown. You have the power, with every interaction, to change that. Serving as the district leadership closest to the students, please extend Dr. Jungmann's appreciation through your continued critical leadership and action at the site.

Make it a fantastic first week of February!

Kindergartners benefit from academic rigor

Kindergarten classes are getting more academic. New research says the kids are all right.

National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week 2019 will be celebrated from February 4-8. This year’s theme is “School Counselors: Providing Lessons for Life”. During the week we hope to focus public attention on the unique contribution of the school counselors within our school system. If you would like additional resources to help support your counselor in promoting the school counseling program, you may access the information at this link. Please join me in recognizing the impact that your counselors have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.

Thank you for your support of the comprehensive school counseling program.

-Rhonda Mammen


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from Human Resources

Please utilize this document when the conversation of PIPS or Randa Tower surfaces for informational support -> Randa Tower Support (Administrator Use Only)
Poverty’s Long-Lasting Effects on Education and Success

"these children absolutely can achieve at the same high levels as anybody else..."

Proposition S

Please find a Frequently Asked Questions document about Proposition S.