Top 5 Cold War events

Jeremy Griffeth

1. Arms race

The arms race was one of the key events to conflict in the cold war, as you can see in the cartoon both countries had to compete with each other with constructing weapons to be more powerful than the other and to also protect their homeland by threatening or using nukes as their safety.

2. Iron Curtain

The "Iron Curtain" was a term used by winston churchill which meant the imaginary border between communism in the east and anti-communism in the west. America had to contain from the iron curtain to the west and protect it from the spread of communism.

3. Truman Doctrine

the truman dontrine was a foriegn policy that aided countries in the west and to prevent non-communist countries from becoming communist. The only way these countries would get the aid is if the promised not to become communist.


NATO is the treaty organization made from the north atlantic. These alliances were the eastern side and were anti-communist. This organization was composed of the U.S, Canada, Britain and a number of European countries. The purpose was to keep countries together and agree on not turning communist. This organization was against the Warsaw Pact.

5. Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Pact was an organization by Russia to insure peace in Europe to those who signed the Pact. The countries composed of this Pact was the rest of the countries that are not in NATO and is mostly in the western part of Europe. This pact was a communism organization and was against NATO