Peace Treaty By Johnesha B

Peace Treaty in Political Violence in Egypt

Security Guarantees

  • Come to an agreement after listening to both sides
  • Wouldn't imply force to citizens unless attacked first
  • Will not disturb the supporters and non supporters protestant camps
  • Make sure both sides of protestors don't harm each other

Re-Constructing Society

In order to re-construct the economy back to its original civilized manner, We'll have to make sure both sides have their ways. In order for the Brotherhood members and the anti-Morsi supporters to get along, there should be possibly 2 types of governments that Morsi and someone else can rule of a selective choice. The citizens will have a choice to choose which government they want to be under.

The more violence that is being produced will not change anything in the society. Both sides still wouldn't agree on who will take over the presidential office. There will still be unresolved problems, which will create more problems in the future.

Therefore, violence isn't the answer. Each side should be able to take some sacrifices and be happy that some of their needs are being met. There shouldn't be no type of violence from each side because they're getting something that they want. However, they both can't get their way but we can manage if both sides are willing to cooperate with our deals, then this economy would be safe for innocent people and we all can live a better life.

Since each side have different views on who should govern the world, then it's best to have a government that's based on what the citizens believed. Since both sides of citizens believed differently, then the 2 governments would be a great idea. Both "Presidents" will handle and make laws based on their behalf.


  • The anti-Morsi supporters will not start violence with the Brotherhood members if the Brotherhood members won't attack first
  • If both sides can come to an agreement then the 2 governments will become permanent.
  • If both sides continue the violence after the 2 governments is established, the 2 sides will become separated into 2 different towns with tight security securing both towns.