End Food Poverty in Turkey


The Goal and How it Will be Achieved

The goal of this campaign is to end food poverty in Turkey. I want to do this by setting up food banks in towns or in areas of food or need. The goal will be funded by setting up food related fairs and being sponsored by big companies. Food drives will be held in order to get the food and money that will be needed to set up the food banks in town or areas in need.

Why Should You Help?

In Turkey 1.35% or 1,011,76 people have food poverty. Every week one of these people die. Sadly, many of these people are prisoners and 57% of them have a family. There have been multiple hunger strikes in Turkey many people are upset with this. Since the Turkish government has proven not to be reliable enough to fix this problem, I believe we can.

Why Food Poverty Exists in Such a Wealthy Country

As you know 1.35% of Turkey has been stricken with food poverty. Many people are still shocked about this due to Turkey's fertile land. This problem is so because Turkey has been raising its agricultural prices due to its poor economy. As of 2013, Turkey has raised 27 main food products price up by 11.8%. Increase of prices of agriculture prevents a Turkish person getting their rights, their rights of getting food.

Why It Will Be Successful

This project will be successful because it is so easy to participate in. I am confident that you can find at least one can of food or some spare change around your house. These items or loose change may seem small, but to a starving person in Turkey, it is a lot.

How You Can Help

You can help to this wonderful cause by donating $10 a month. These ten dollars could help feed a child or any person in need. You can also help by attending local fairs, visiting our sponsors or supporting them, and donating canned food to local food drives.