Maker Spaces


Why Use Maker Spaces?

Maker spaces help kids develop skills to solve problems.
How to convince your administrator:

Kansas Students Solve Water Crisis for School in Kenya over Skype
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Best Practices with Maker Spaces

  • Tailor the maker-space experience to the student needs.
    - Make it mobile and take it to the room, or schedule time for the class to visit the space.
    - Try "Maker-Space Monday's" or select a day where the space opens up and classes or small groups can schedule time with a specific curricular purpose.
    - "Pop-Up Maker-Spaces" tailored to the needs of the media specialists.
    - "Maker Clubs"- Have the students in the club take ownership of your maker-space and organize materials.
  • Task cards that possibly don't have an exact answer. Open ended and problem solving opportunities.
  • Collaborate with all areas to gather supplies. Involve custodians, or do a parent drive to get consumable pieces for your spaces.
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Innovative Maker-Space Ideas

Maker Space task cards
  1. Create an item you could use to survive when camping.
  2. Introduce a new toy into the story that moves on its own even when the humans are gone.
  3. May the force be with you…. Design… anything!
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Need Ideas for Your Maker-Space?

Need Funding for Your Maker-Space?

Need Items for Your Maker-Space?

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