Halfa Legacy

The Red

The Dark Side of Me.

It had been two weeks since I had sex last, well, sex worth calling sex.

I was getting antsy.

Wet dreams of Stacey, some guy that I saw at work the other day and Sir Sarah, some other man that I met online who only came over to get his cock sucked, which I didn't mind.

Now I was starting to mind, especially since he's busy frequently.

I've baked at least four dozen cupcakes and two dozen cookies. Red velvet, chocolate, strawberry and even white cake cupcakes.

This cookie has eight chocolate chips and that one has ten; I need to remake the whole batch.

I try to sleep, but I can't.

I run four miles, five miles, six. Nothing's working. It's only Saturday; I won't make it another week.

My husband comes home and I practically tackle him, but we can't, he says.

"Why the fuck not?" I'm seeing red.

And then a stranger walks through the door behind him.

He's tall, with a grizzly beard of red and brown; his eyes steely with innocence.


I've found my prey.

Later, when my husband went to bed, I snuck out of our bed and into the guest room.

He was fully clothed, but it didn't matter. I pulled the cover back and unzipped his pants; his cock fit perfectly into my mouth. He started to move around sleepily, but his dick was already at attention.

"Wha-what are you?" He began frightened.

I sucked his cock slowly and gently until he couldn't utter another word. Swab the head with my tongue; work the shaft with my lips; fondle his balls with my fingers.

He pushed my head away and for a second I was afraid. The look in his eyes was terrifying.

He threw me across the bed and bid me get on my knees. He grabbed the back of my neck as he thrust it into me. I flinched.

He moved his hands down to my hips and dug his nails into them ever so slightly. I melted.

He pounded me. Harder and faster. He pulled my hair and grabbed onto my ass. Then I felt his fingers sliding around my body and his hot hand started rubbing my clit just right. I came.

"I'm going to fuck you until I want to," he kept going.

I was in anguish. I came a second and third time. My knees were buckling and I was so wet that I could feel cum all over his lap. A fourth, fifth and sixth time.

He was torturing me. Seven. He didn't let up once. Eight.

He, nine, wasn't even breaking a, ten, sweat.

"Be loud, I dare you," he whispered to me as orgasm number eleven almost made me cry out.

I couldn't take anymore. I was going to yell and wake my husband up. I tried to pull away, but he slammed his cock back in so hard that I came for the twelfth time.

He pulled it out and came all over my breasts. I licked his cock and laid there in misery.

He licked my clit gently and I pushed his head away.

"Fuck me again."