The Martian Chronicles

Book Analysis presentation by: Paige Robbins

Wanted poster- Nathaniel York

Nathaniel York was the captain of the first expedition. He is a young man who is only in the dreams of Ylla. Nathaniel's presents in Ms. K's dreams actually affects her husband and hers relationship. The main plot twist of this character, Nathaniel, is that Ylla's husband, Yll, gets jealous of York and kills him and this other person when they get to the Red Planet.

Summary of The Martial Chronicles

The Martial Chronicles is a set of arranged stories that tell about Mars and all the stories have to do with a relationship with Mars. The first chapters have to do with an expedition on Mars and the last have to do with the colonization of the planet. The first expeditions failed and their crews died. The earthians succeded in their colonization of Mars. There was an exodus on the way home and war starts their. When an atomic war distroys human civilization on Mars, a family from earth moved to Mars to start their lives over.