Global Positioning System

What does GPS stand for?

The Global positioning system is a satellite navigation system made of 24 satellites placed around the earth. The satellite navigation system was intended for the mitilary in the United of States America. In the 1980s the government made it available for the public use. It works in all weather and anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.
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Why is it used?

How it works?

GPS satellites circles the earth twice a day in orbit around the earth and sends the information back to earth. GPS receivers take the information and store it for further use. The time difference tells how far away the satellite is and what time tell it was recieved. Now, with the measurements we can tell the position of anything on earth.

Sat Nav

*Sat Nav is a shortened way of saying satellite navigation. We use sat navs to navigate us around the earth. We can buy them at any tool shop or they are now built in to many cars.

* It will point to places A and B and will take us there. The sat nav will also tell us if there's a speed camera and will take us the quickiest route.