Queen Annes Revenge

Things blackbeard did throughout his life

  • He stole ships and gold from pirates.
  • He puts slow burning cannon fuses underneath his hat to frighten pirates. Blackbeard likes killing pirates he wants pirates to be scared of him.
  • black beard named his ship queen annes revenge. black beard stole ship,gold and cargo also jewlery.
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time period

  • black beard was a privateer in the early 1700s.
  • black beard stole ships and fought his whole life.
  • black beard always kills partners and takes gold.
  • black beard was killed by the navy the navy hung blackbeard head to prove that he was dead.

blackbeards ship

  • blackbeard found this ship blackbeard named it queen annes revenge.
  • blackbeard renamed the ship.
  • It had 14 cannons.
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why archeologists want to excavate the remains of blackbeards ship

  • they want to excavate them to see how they really look.
  • because the remains of blackbeards ship have been under water about over 300 years.

what archeologists learned from excavating his ship

  • that they break apart if you excavate the remains of blackbeards ship.
  • they have benn in the ocean way to long to excavate.

things that are hard or difficult to do when excavating a ship and its objects.

  • when you take a object out of the ocean you have to take barnacles and sea plants.
  • They are hard to excavate because the objects are big.
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Jonathan Bird's Blue World: Blackbeard's Shipwreck

why we should donate money to archeologists to do more research

  • we should donate money to archeologists to do more research because they can figure out where the other objects from the queen annes revenge.
  • you should donate money for archeologist to find the whole ship or half the ship.