Help, Don't Hurt

Help stop Bullying!

Help,Don't Hurt

We all know how big of an impact bullying has on society; If you or anybody you know has or is being bullied, don't worry, you're not alone. My Help, Don't Hurt campaign makes sure to lend out a helping hand to those people seeking internal help. Bullies aren't cool so make sure to Help, Don't Hurt!


Help make a change

Statistics made suicide the 10th leading cause in Americans

By joining the Help, Don't Hurt campaign you realize you are helping those people in desperate need that have the feeling they are alone. Bulling in modern times in our society sometimes in a lot of cases leads to suicide. The suicide rate from 2013 stood at 12.6 deaths per 100,000 people in our population,which is shocking to realize now a days.

Help, Don't Hurt campaign

Campaign Leader: Kasandra Hernandez
In my Campaign, we get to have really nice meetings and we always make sure students feel adored and appreciated. We even have prizes to make them feel better and we give students surveys to make sure how they feel about LGBT people.