CSD Board Briefing

December 17, 2020 Meeting, Cambrian School District

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New Board Members

The oath of office was administered to the newly elected board members, Mr. Donald Rocha and Mrs. Janet Gillis.

Mr. Donald Rocha has spent his professional life working in public service, having served in city and county government, and also at the state level. This is his second time as a Cambrian School District governing board member. Mr. Rocha is a life-long resident of Cambrian, with children in the district.

Mrs. Janet Gillis is a San Jose native who attended Farnham Elementary School as a child. She holds regular and Special Ed teaching credentials and taught in Cambrian from 1993-2018.

She also served in the Peace Corps as a TESOL (teaches English to speakers of other languages) teacher in Senegal. Her children went through the Cambrian School District.

Welcome to Mr. Rocha and Mrs. Gillis! Thank you for your service to your community!

Budget: First Interim Report 2020-21

The Board of Trustees voted to approve the First Interim Report with a Positive Certification. Ms. Penny Timboe, Chief Financial Officer for the Cambrian School District, presented the report for discussion. Although the financial position of the Cambrian School District has seen a positive shift from the original budget adoption to the First Interim reporting period, the District continues to forecast significant budget challenges in the coming years as a result of continued underfunding from the State, the impact of COVID-19 with severe declining enrollment. Since the beginning of the 2020-21 school year enrollment has declined by approximately 200 students to date.

For these reasons, the multi-year projection does include significant staffing reductions for the next two years with 10 less teaching positions in the 2021-22 and an additional 3 less positions in 2022-23. Additionally, the District will need to consider a potential reduction of $1.3M in the 3rd year (2022-23) as a means to meet the State required 3% reserve levels. We look forward to the Governor’s budget proposal set to be released in January of 2021. We are hopeful that the 2022 budget projections for education will be an increase in base revenue to mitigate the budget deficit. The Governor's Budget Update will be presented at the January 21st board meeting and will allow the Board/Staff to reflect on potential changes and next steps.

Please click here to review the Fiscal Stability Plan Revised 5.21.20.

Please click here to review the First Interim 2020-21 Report.

Please click here to review the 2020-21 First Interim presentation powerpoint from 12.17.20.

Please click here to review the CARES Act Resource 3220.

Please click here to review the first Interim MYP.

Learning Continuity Plan: Budget Overview for Parents

The Governing Board of Trustees voted to approve the Budget Overview for Parents as presented. The Budget Overview for Parents was presented by Mr. Linh Nguyen, Assistant Superintendent of Education Services.

California Education Code Section 52064.1, requires each school district, county office of educations, and Local Education Agencies, to develop the Local Control Funding Formula Budget Overview for Parents in conjunction with the Local Control and Accountability Plan by July 1 of each year. Subsequently, SB98 added Education Code Section 43509 which changed the adoption date for the 2020-21 fiscal year to on or before December 15, 2020, in conjunction with the Local Education Agencies’ first interim budget report.

Please click here to review the 2020-21 CSD Budget Overview for Parents Presentation.

Please click here to review the 2020 CSD Budget Overview for Parents.

Penny Timboe, Chief Financial Officer, reviewed the expenditures related to loss mitigation and COVID-19 impact relief fund. The below link outlines the funds spent to date by category.

Please click here to review the CARES Act Resource 3220.

Annual Developer Fees Report 2020

The Board of Trustees approved the Annual Developer Fee Report, thereby making it available to the public as statutorily required Government Code section 66006. Government Code section 66006 requires that the Board of Trustees annually review revenue and expenditures of revenues collected through residential and commercial development fees.

The Cambrian School District received just over $100,000 dollars in fees for the 2019-20 fiscal year with zero expenditures. As these funds are raised due to increased development which may then impact the student enrollment of the district, they are designated to be used for classroom and other learning spaces to support student enrollment growth.

To review the Annual Developer Fees Report for 2020, please click here.

Facilities and Operations Update, Part 2

Mr. Jim Browning, Director of Buildings and Grounds and Ms. Penny Timboe, Chief Financial Officer, continued to bring the Board up to date on the ventilation and airflow assessment and improvements in District's facilities. On November 19, 2020,

Ms. Penny Timboe, provided Part 1 of the update on the District's facilities and operations. At last night’s meeting, Mr. Jim Browning provided an overview by site as to the status of the mechanical systems, filter replacements, blower fans, and CO2 sensors. The District has made significant progress and expects the work to be complete by the second week of January.

To view the Facilities and Operations Update presentation, please click here.

Facilities: Engineering Study (HVAC)

In preparation for the potential HVAC replacement project, Chief Financial Officer Ms.Penny Table Presented a proposal for Architectural and Engineering services. Sugimura Finney Architects, Inc. will assess the existing CSD HVAC systems with the intent to replace or upgrade each system with a new modern energy efficient system. The Board unanimously approved the contract.

To view the CSD Engineering Study (HVAC), please click here.

Measure R: Post Election update and Resolution 20-21-11: Statement of Votes and Certificate of November 3, 2020, Election Results (Elections Code 15400)

During the November 2020 election, Cambrian School District had Measure R on the ballot, which passed, making possible $88 million in GO Bonds to finance district technology and facility improvements over the next several years. Dr. Andrews thanked the Cambrian community for their trust and support in the Cambrian School District by passing the Measure R Bond.

Mr. Matt Kolker from Government Financial Strategies, provided a post-election update. The Board viewed and approved Resolution 20-21-11: Statement of Votes and Certificate of November 3, 2020, Election Results. Elections Code Section 15400 requires certification by the Governing Board of the election results for the November 3, 2020, Measure R.

The Board will begin discussion in January 2021 to set priorities for facility and technology improvements.

To view Measure R Next Steps presentation, please click here. To view the certification of election results, please click here. To view the official results of the 2020 Measure R election, please click here.

Organizational Meeting Items

At this meeting, the Governing Board held their annual organizational meeting, at which they determine meeting dates for the calendar year. The Board meets two times each month excluding July or when schools are closed during the scheduled meeting time for breaks. The dates approved are:

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Also at the meeting, the 2021 Board President, Vice President and Board Clerk were voted on and approved. They are: President: Jarod Middleton, Vice President: Carol Presunka , Board Clerk: Don Rocha.

Also at the organizational meeting, the Election of a Representative to the Santa Clara County Committee for School District Organization was done. The board elected Jarod Middleton.

And finally, there was a call for nominations for California School Board Association's (CSBA) Delegate Assembly. The Delegate Assembly is a vital link in the association's governance structure and sets the general policy direction for the association. Delegates ensure that the association promotes the interests of school districts and county offices of education throughout the state. The Board nominated Carol Presunka to apply for the CSBA Delegate Assembly.

To view the Board’s appointment packet, please click here.

Next Board Meeting: Special Board Meeting January 7, 2021

There will be a special virtual Board Meeting Thursday, January 7, at 7 p.m. and Zoom login information will be made public the week of the meeting. We hope you can attend!