Say No To Drugs

By: Carrie Chen

Drugs in school

High schools and middle schools students' usage of drug have been increasing over years. To stop it from increasing is to let everyone know the harms of drugs. We should all make Coppell as a drug free environment.

Harms Of Drug

First of all, drugs are very addictive, they will make you want more. It will make you lose more and more money since you need more drugs. Secondly, they cause depression, anxiety, stress, concentrating problems, the ability to talk or communicate and a lot more. Lastly, drugs might cause you to die.

Say no to drugs

When your friends or close cousins start doing drugs, and they want you to do it. Here are some tips to say no to them.

  • If you find yourself in a problem situation, make an excuse to leave.
  • Ask for support from other friends or adults if someone is really pressuring you to use drugs.
  • Make new friends who respect your decision not to use drugs.
  • Go to events that don't involve drugs. Don't put yourself in an unsafe or difficult situation.
  • If you do go to a party where there may be drugs, never put your drink down and come back for it. Someone could put drugs into it without your knowing.


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