Milkshake Mansion

Vince Eller and Colton Blankenship

Six business Activities for Your Business

Generating Ideas: We created our famous milkshakes one day just messing around with ice cream, that we hand made. When we were looking at the competition around the Springfield area and we won’t have much of a challenge. One day we took our product and bought some of the other milkshake places and had people see which one they liked best, and 75% of the people liked our milkshakes better than the other competition around here.

Raising Capital: The money that we have to start our business comes from our own money, which is a total of $100,00. Also some comes from different financial investors which add up to $50,000, and we are borrowing %25,000 from the bank.

Employee and Training: Our employees go through an interview in order for us to make sure that they each worker is serious about their job, and that they will work hard. Each employee will go through specific training on how to make each milkshake. They will also learn how to clean the store, and how to make the ice cream from scratch.

Buying Goods and Services: We will get our cleaning supplies with Sam’s Club. We will just go in and bye the items ourself, but if our business get’s too big we will see if we can get a deal with them and have them give us the cleaning products. We will be getting our indergerts from Atlas Wholesale Foods, because they have great deals and have everything we want.

Marketing Goods and Services: Our company will put out adds and pictures in local papers and magazines, along with sending out coupons, which we will spend about $500 on. We will also create a website to help advertise, and once the business begins to succeed, we will spend about $1,000 in order to put out and advertisement on the local news or radio. We will also create a Twitter and Facebook account which will allow us to get feedback.

Maintaining Business Records: We will hire a record keeper that will do our record keeping for us, but we will also keep track of our top sellers and least popular on a Microsoft Spreadsheet. Each day we will check to see what our best seller was and take the percentage for each week. We will also go to, which will help us with our taxes and with government taxes.


Our business is a partnership. We decided that we could work off each other and it would be easier because if one of us couldn't work or do something, the other could. The advantages are two people contribute to the investment, get expertise from more than one person, each partner is responsible for the decisions made by all other partners. The disadvantages are there is no protection for personal assets and if a partner leaves or dies the partnership is dissolved.

Business Goals

1. To make over a half million by the end of the year including paying everything off.

2. To open another store around this area or somewhere else.

3. To hire around 30 employees for each store.

4. To come up with about 6 new milkshakes.

5. Make other treats instead of just milkshakes.

Mission Statement

"Milkshake Mansion's company mission is to be our customers' favorite place to enjoy milkshakes."

Voice Mission Statement

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