Presentation Of Montesquieu


Where were they born? What year?

He was born on January 18, 1689, a few kilometers from Bordeaux, France. Son of Jacques de Secondat and Marie-Francoise de Pesnel, his family belonged to the so-called noble toga. His mother, Marie Françoise de Pesnel died when Charles de Secondat was seven years old, was the heiress to a fortune that contributed baronazgo La Brède to Secondat family.

What was their job?

It is one of the philosophers and essayists illustrated most relevant especially for the articulation of the theory of separation of powers.

What are their greatest achievements in life?

Montesquieu made great contributions to the theory of separation of powers, whose main features were:

- Clearly and specifically assigns each essential function of the State to a body which, by its composition, is best suited to fulfill: it is called functional rationality.

- Provides a model of universal validity, not limited to a particular state, but applicable to any of them.

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What are their political thoughts and beliefs?

Montesquieu developed the ideas of John Locke about the division of power. In his book The Spirit of the Laws expressed admiration for the British political institutions and said the law is the most important state.


Who are you going to list as their 2 friends from enlightenment period?

Who are you going list as their 2 friends from the 21st century (this time)?

Edgar Morin

is a French philosopher and sociologist who has been internationally recognized for his work on complexity and "complex thought," and his scholarly contributions to such diverse fields as media studies, politics, sociology, visual anthropology, ecology, education, systems biology, and beyond.
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Michel Onfray

is a contemporary French writer and philosopher who promotes hedonism, atheism, and anarchism. He is a highly prolific author on philosophy, having written more than 80 books.
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Why did you chose two people as friend from the 21st century?

because they are also French philosophers who use their senses to create or imagine processes or ideas to help humanity.
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